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Is lack of sleep the reason you are fat? - Built by Nature

Is lack of sleep the reason you are fat?

How sleep is important for weight loss

Losing weight can be a challenging journey.  When it comes to weight loss, most people put much attention to proper diet and exercise, while neglecting the fact that getting enough sleep is equally important for weight loss as it is for good health.

In the present fast-moving world getting sufficient sleep can be difficult, especially when TVs, computers, smartphones, or environmental stressors lure you into staying awake most nights. The recommended sleep duration for adults is about 7 to 9 hours, but most adults sleep fewer hours than this. Scientists have found not experiencing quality good night's sleep regularly can result in difficulty in losing weight.

Lack of Sleep Can Increase Appetite

People who get enough quality sleep tend to have better control of their cravings compared to those who get less. Ghrelin and leptin hormones are central to appetite control with ghrelin promoting hunger while leptin signaling your brain whenever you are hungry. Lack of enough sleep disrupts the normal functioning of these neurotransmitters, which leads to the urge to consume more food, thus, the less you sleep the more you eat.

Enough Sleep is Good for Metabolism

Sleep is like nutrition to your brain. Getting less than the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep leaves you feeling tired which results in your body burning fewer calories in form of energy. Research also shows lack of sufficient sleep affects your body’s ability to process insulin which is used to convert starch, fat, and other food nutrients into energy. This can result in your body storing fat in your bloodstream, thus, hampering your weight loss journey.

Heightens Your Stress Levels

Insufficient sleep can trigger the spike of the stress hormone cortisol which may result in an increase in appetite. You are more likely to consume a lot of food at this moment as ghrelin combines with cortisol to act as little starving demons that force you to make unpopular food choices.

Act Now

Now that you have understood our important quality sleep is for your weight loss journey, you need to take bold steps to ensure you sleep better. The good news is there is something you can do to improve your sleeping. Try our Built by Nature’s Sleep Burn, a sleep aid supplement designed to help you sleep better and support your weight loss goals. Take charge of your sleep pattern for a healthy living that supports your weight loss journey.