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Mass Gainer Protein Powder, Ultimate Weight Gainer for Advanced Muscle & Strength Builder with 500 Calories & 35g Whey Protein, Rich in EAAs & BCAAs, Delicious Chocolate Milkshake Flavor, 6 Pound

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At MuscleMotive, we are dedicated to supporting your fitness journey with our scientifically-designed, high-quality supplements. Our BulkUp Mass Gainer is specifically crafted for those who find it difficult to gain muscle mass. This mass gainer serves as an effective nutritional supplement by providing a concentrated amount of protein and calories in every serving, paving the way for impressive muscle gain and improved physical performance. Our BulkUp Mass Gainer is not just about gaining weight; it's about gaining 'the right weight'. Each serving delivers 35 grams of protein and 500 calories. The high protein content contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, while the calories provide the energy necessary to fuel your intense workouts and daily activities. MuscleMotive's commitment to quality is second to none. The ingredients in our BulkUp Mass Gainer are carefully selected to offer you maximum benefits. It's free from unnecessary fillers and artificial preservatives, giving you pure, high-quality nutrition. Besides its nutritional benefits, the BulkUp Mass Gainer also offers great taste and mixability. Whether you prefer it with water, milk, or your favourite beverage, this supplement mixes well and provides a rich, enjoyable taste. Now, gaining weight will not just be beneficial for your physique, but also a treat to your taste buds! The 6 LB tub of our BulkUp Mass Gainer ensures you get value for your money. It's an economical choice for those looking to gain weight without burning a hole in their pocket. Step up your game with MuscleMotive's BulkUp Mass Gainer – the perfect companion for your muscle-gaining journey!
  • High Protein and Calorie Content: Each serving of MuscleMotive's BulkUp Mass Gainer delivers an impressive 35 grams of high-quality protein and 500 calories, ideal for anyone looking to add serious bulk to their physique.
  • Promotes Muscle Growth and Recovery: Packed with essential nutrients, our BulkUp Mass Gainer facilitates not just muscle growth, but also accelerates muscle recovery post-workout, aiding in efficient and effective muscle development.
  • Premium Quality Ingredients: MuscleMotive believes in uncompromised quality. Our mass gainer utilizes only the best ingredients, free of any unnecessary fillers, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from each scoop.
  • Easy to Mix, Great Taste: Enjoy the rich, smooth texture and taste of our BulkUp Mass Gainer. It’s easy to mix with water, milk, or your favourite beverage, making it a hassle-free addition to your daily routine.
  • Value for Money: With our 6 LB tub, you are investing in a supplement that provides ample servings, making it an economical choice for your regular workout regimen.