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FREE Shipping for all USA orders!

Probiotic for Women & Men to Reduce Gas, Bloating & Irregularity, 40 Billion CFU, 4 Shelf Stable Strains, Acidophilus & Prebiotic for Gut Digestive Health, Stomach Acid Resistant Delivery, 60 Capsules

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Make your digestive health and gut balance a priority by fortifying your daily health with an advanced probiotic formulated for potency and effectiveness.

Whenever we start to feel sluggish, rundown, or even sick it often happens because our digestive health is out of balance. In fact, letting the bad bacteria dominate our digestive tract can really impact our energy, focus, and overall sense of well-being. We developed Built by Nature Probiotics with 40 billion CFU as a way to help restore this internal balance, so you can keep your immune support strong, intestinal flora properly balanced, and energy levels high. All so you can live your best life inside and out.

Long, Stable, and Effective Shelf Life and Why It Matters

Many brands today state high CFU and strain numbers but oftentimes struggle to deliver on results because they can?t ensure potency up until the expiration date. That?s because their manufacturing process doesn?t help retain live probiotic bacteria before it?s shipped and reaches your door. Here at Built by Nature we guarantee our probiotics potency because we?re focused on proper testing, quality, and delivery from start to finish.

Product Details-

  • Advanced Probiotic Supplement for Digestive Health
  • 40-Billion CFU with Acidophilus (LA-14)
  • Guaranteed Potency Through Expiration Date
  • Four (4) Shelf-Stable Probiotic Strains
  • FOS Fructooligosaccharide Prebiotic and Acid Resistant Marine Polysaccharide
  • Volume- 60 Capsules (per Bottle), 30 Servings
  • Third-Party Tested for Purity and Potency
  • Quality USA cGMP Manufacturing
  • Supports Men and Women (Adults)

Support balanced digestive health with natural probiotics that help reduce gas, bloating, and irregularity by restoring good bacteria in your GI tract. Get it now by clicking Add to Cart above today.

  • Advanced Daily Probiotic Supplement ? Fortified with 40 billion CFUs, 4 live strains, and acidophilus our natural probiotics provide faster and more efficient support to help you regain digestive regularity by increasing good flora bacteria.
  • Enhanced Absorption and Bioavailability ? Utilizing the MAK Trek bypass process our acidophilus probiotic uses a natural marine polysaccharide derived from brown seaweed that forms a protective layer to help them reach your digestive tract for superior effectiveness.
  • Restore Internal Digestive Balance ? Maintaining healthy intestinal flora with our daily probiotic can boost immune support, reduce gas and bloating, decrease common irregularity, and even support men?s and women?s general health.
  • Shelf Stable - No refrigeration is required to maintain potency, we guarantee our probiotics potency through the expiration date. We also added Fructooligosaccharide known as FOS, a prebiotic that helps the probiotics survive in the capsules and supports the healthy gut bacteria in your digestive tract.
  • Trusted Purity and 3rd Party Testing ? Built by Nature men?s and women?s probiotics are sourced from a cGMP-certified facility, bottled here in the USA, and backed by third-party testing to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency in every batch.

Customer Feedback

Finally!! I ordered firm and received firm. Package was shipped very quickly. Il be ordering more in the future.

Michelle Dryden

Item arrived very quickly, well packaged, in perfect condition. Thanks so much!


A "Must-Have" for your health! Really works and great price, thank you.


Repeat customer! Always on point! Happy with the transaction every time! Thanks!!


Item works great, good response from company with questions and service.

Matthew C.

My favorite, really good results. Wish they were not out of stock.

Colorado Todd

Love these supplements

Elena Teixeira

They work, sometimes shipping can be a little late, but that’s more on the shipping companies these days.


Twice as strong as most at a very reasonable price. Check the range of contents. Includes additional benefits. Good taste.


Wonderful product I will order it again

Susan Hughes

Always quick shipping and never any issues with product. This stuff really works, I can definitely feel the difference, especially on gym day. No wonder so many bodybuilders use it.

gary blossom

I have had auto delivery on these for YEARS. They are an excellent company and product.